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Backdrop Stand- XL HopUp Straight 379 x 229

hop up display stand/ aluminium hop up

Backdrop Stand- XL HopUp Straight 379 x 229

hop up display stand/ aluminium hop up

Hop up  Straight XL backdrop is the largest in our store. The surface of presented graphics measures 4,53 x 2,29 m (total surface includes side walls) and the whole construction weighs approximately 16,50 kg-

Hop Up advertising systems are very easy to fold and unfold so they can be quickly used on trade fair stands, in conference rooms or on a shop floor. Despite its large surface the backdrop can be installed by a single person, which is a great advantage as it does not require assistance to mount it and unmount it. After the construction is set up, graphics can be mounted onto the system with Velcro straps. Once the backdrop is not needed anymore the fabric can be taken off from the construction or can be folded with it. The print can be replaced so once you buy the construction it can be used multiple times.

Hop-Up backdrop construction is packed inside a transport bag which can also be used for storage.

HopUp Straight XL 379 x 229-TEMPLATE


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