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Magnetic Vinyl (without glue)

Magnetic film snaps to steel and other ferrous and magnetic foils allowing you to place it on any metal (ferromagnetic) surface.


Monomeric Vinyl - gloss                   Polymer Vinyl - gloss                       Cast Vinyl - gloss                     Floor Vinyl

Magnetic Vinyl

Magnetic Vinyl (without glue)

Magnetic film snaps to steel and other ferrous and magnetic foils allowing you to place it on any metal (ferromagnetic) surface.


Monomeric Vinyl - gloss                   Polymer Vinyl - gloss                       Cast Vinyl - gloss                     Floor Vinyl

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Magnetic Vinyl

Magnetic Material For Vehicles & Signs

Printed Magnetic Sign


Is magnetic vinyl a good idea for advertisement on vehicles?

Magnetic vinyl is a terrific idea for advertisement on vehicles. If you have only one car for private and business purposes, magnetic vinyl is the perfect solution. During business hours, you advertise your services as you drive around town, and you drive recreationally in the afternoons and on vacation with nothing reminding you of your everyday responsibilities.

Magnetic vinyl is the perfect solution for putting advertisements on all metal surfaces: bodies of cars, delivery vehicles, or fridge trucks. Magnetic vinyl should be applied on surfaces entirely made of metal, flat, and with no rounded corners. Before application, the surface must be cleaned and deprived of all mud, dust, and foreign objects. It is not recommended to use surfaces with multiple paint coats as they reduce stickiness of magnetic vinyl to the surface. Before installation, make sure that the magnetic vinyl is in room temperature. The temperature of the surface is irrelevant. The metal surface should not have any embossed areas or additional profiles.

Magnetic vinyl has an advantage over standard adhesive vehicle advertisements: it can be used more than once. You can put it up on the car in every morning and take it off every evening.

Magnetic vinyl is a durable material, but you should protect it from exposure to mechanical damage. Magnetic vinyl should not be left on the vehicle in an automatic car wash or when using other washing devices.

How should you clean magnetic vinyl?

Magnetic vinyl is not fixed to the surface and there is condensation between the layers. It is recommended to take the magnetic vinyl off once a week and wipe both surfaces with a dry cloth. To clean the printed surface, you can use a soft cloth and pure or soapy water. Never clean the printed surface with detergents as they may damage the printing.

How to store magnetic vinyl?

After removing the magnetic vinyl from the surface, it is recommended to store it on its side or rolled up loosely with minimum 10 cm diameter; otherwise, the surface may wrinkle or permanently deform. When it is stored on its side, never place any objects on top to keep from damaging the surface. If the magnetic vinyl was stored in an improper manner, it is recommended to spread it out on a flat surface and wait 24 hours for it to straighten out.

Is magnetic vinyl laminated?

Our magnetic vinyl is not laminated. The surface is printed with UV ink, which is resistant to all weather conditions. During use, prevent mechanical damage by e.g. branches, protruding structural elements, etc.

Can magnetic vinyl be cut to shape?

We can cut your magnetic vinyl to shape (keep this option in mind when you place your order). Magnetic vinyl has a rather sturdy structure, which is not as easy to process as standard vinyl, and it is not used for complicated shapes. If the shape is too complicated, you will be notified by our Staff.

Is it possible to buy plain magnetic vinyl?

Yes there is, but please remember to add a file of specific size with no graphics to the order to start the realisation process. Orders placed without files will not be processed.

How fast can a vehicle with magnetic vinyl go?

There are certain limits. Magnetic vinyl is not fixed to the surface, which means that you cannot drive too fast. The maximum permitted speed for driving with magnetic vinyl is about 80 km/h.

What are the biggest formats of magnetic vinyl?

Magnetic vinyl cannot be wider than 60 cm, which is why it is recommended to limit the shorter side to maximum 58 cm for aesthetic purposes.


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