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Our Large Format Digital Printing House specialized in…

Digital Printing on many materials. Our adventure with Digital Printing started from printing of the most popular products in the segment, i.e. Frontlight Banner and Mesh Banner. The Window2Print Online Printing House is the response to customer demands in the field of Digital Printing. Our Large Format Printing lets you place your order from your home or office to saves your time. The ordering system is exceptionally clear and intuitive, which will considerably improve the ordering process. On our part, we guarantee quick realisation and free shipping. If you should have any questions, we offer professional consulting by our Customer Service department, which will quickly respond by e-mail to any individual inquiry and perform calculations on demand if you should have any trouble on how to enter the data into the system calculator available at out Window 2 Print website. You can also find the successive ordering steps at the website of our Online Printing House under the tab ”How to order”.

We make vinyls ... .

One of the specialisations of Window 2 Print’s Large Format Printing is various Sticker Printing with extensive application. We strive to make our sticker prices competitive and maintain quick production. We use certified materials made by renowned manufacturers. We want our Large Format Printing to be known for our top quality services and products. In response to the demands of our Clients, we continue to expand the assortment of materials available at our Online Printing House.

Advertising Stickers are among the most popular products with an extensive application scope. Advertising Stickers are a proven and frequently applied form of large format advertising. Advertising Stickers have been popular among clients seeking large format advertising solutions for a long time. Our Online Printing House allows you to personalise your Sticker, decide its format, type (indoor or outdoor), theme, quantity, and finishing – according to the dimension or random shape.

Our notification system has options to make your decision easier. The offer of our Online Printing House includes Stickers for application on floors, cars, means of public transit, and windows indoors and outdoors.

Glossy Monomeric Vinyl is one of the most popular materials offered in scope of our Large Format Printing. The Sticker is used both indoors and outdoors. The Sticker is used mainly in the production of advertisements when the Client expects the graphics to be very bright and have expressive colours. Monomeric Vinyl ensures top imprint quality and high colour saturation. Our offer includes glossy or matte Self-Adhesive Stickers. Self-Adhesive Stickers are for short-term exposure. Self-Adhesive Stickers should be applied on flat surfaces with no ribs. Furthermore, we recommend that Sticker Printing on Self-Adhesive Stickers be laminated to protect the Sticker surface from scratches and UV rays or in the application of Cast Vinyl, which is used to protect vehicles from mechanical damage easily suffered in everyday use.

Polymer Vinyl is recommended for application on slightly oval surfaces and is similar to Monomeric Vinyl, but has a longer lifespan. Polymer Vinyl can be used in the same places as the short-term Monomeric Vinyl and additionally on slightly curved surfaces with slight ribs such as engine hoods and delivery vehicle sideboards.

Polymer Vinyl is more expensive than the Monomeric Vinyl, but is has a greater scope of application.

Another type of advertising stickers is Cast Vinyl – which is used mainly for cars. Cast Vinyl is used on irregular surfaces like entire car surfaces, which have numerous cavities, ribs, and round outs. Cast Vinyl is also good for mirrors or bumpers. Furthermore, Cast Vinyl has superior stretching parameters than Polymer Vinyl. Cast Vinyl is used most frequently for CarWrapping, when the client wants to change the car’s image completely.

…and much more

Other than various types of vinyl, our offer also includes Banner materials, Textile materials, Beach Flaga, display walls, and many other products. We keep expanding our offer to let you realise complex orders in scope of advertisement techniques.


Why choosing us as a business partner  is the best decision?

Our printing house offers numerous innovative digital printing technologies. We keep investing in state-of-the-art technology to provide our clients the products they desire, i.e. a product of top quality delivered in the shortest possible time.




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